Social Work Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible?
All members who have a BSW, MSW, MSSA, or DSW in Social Work are eligible for coverage. An applicant whose highest degree is a BSW and who is in direct clinical/therapeutic or independent social work is eligible as long as he/she has supervision by a professional with at least a Masters degree in a mental health field. Please contact us at 1-800-421-6694 or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext. #2308) for more information.

2. Do I need to be licensed to get the insurance?
This policy will not provide coverage if you do not have a license and one is required for the type of practice and jurisdiction you are practicing in. If you are unlicensed, please check with your state regulatory board.

3. Who provides the insurance coverage?
American Professional Agency administers the Professional Liability Insurance program. The program is underwritten by the Allied World Insurance Company.

4. What is Claims-Made coverage?
A Claims-Made policy will cover you for incidents that happen between the effective date and expiration of your policy, the claims must be reported while the policy is in force. An Extended Reporting Period Endorsement, or “tail”, is necessary to protect against claims presented after the policy expires.

5. What is an Extended Reporting Period Endorsement or a “tail”?
An Extended Reporting Period Endorsement or “tail” allows you to stop your policy, and still have coverage for future claims that are made based on events that occurred during the time period your policy was in force. A “tail” protects you for practice activities during the time that your policy was in force. If you retire, or if you become disabled or in the event of your death, the “tail” is offered to you at no cost.

6. Why are my premium rates increasing every year?
Claims-Made liability insurance has small stepped increases during the early years for each individual insured in the program. Your rates increase for 6 years and then level off or mature. You should not expect additonal rate increases on a mature claims-made policy unless you make changes to the policy.

7. How much insurance do I need?
You may want to consult your attorney to determine the limits you should purchase. You might find that most managed-care entities, hospitals, and facilities require you to carry at least $1 million per incident and $3 million aggregate. We offer up to $2,000,000 per claim/ $4,000,000 aggregate coverage.

8. Do you offer a reduced premium rate if I work part-time?
Yes, provided your total working hours in all positions including your W2 Form employment do not exceed 20 hours a week.

9. What happens if I need to change my policy before the renewal date?
Please contact the American Professional Agency at 1-800-421-6694 or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext. #2308) for assistance.

10. Where do I get an application?
You may (click here) to apply online and pay for your Professional Liability coverage by credit card. If you prefer to download an application, (click here) go to the Social Work Professional Liability page to download an application(PDF).

If you prefer, the American Professional Agency, Inc. will mail you an application. Please call 1-800-421-6694 or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext. #2308) for assistance.

11. Where do I mail my application and/or check?
The quickest way to obtain coverage is to (click here) to apply online and pay by credit card online. You may also (click here) to download a paper application, or you may fax your application to 1-631-608-1055, and pay for your coverage by credit card online.

If you prefer to mail a paper application and check payable to the American Professional Agency, Inc., please send your application, check and correspondence by mail to:


American Professional Agency, Inc.
95 Broadway
Amityville, NY 11701

12. Who can I call if I have additional questions?
If you have questions, please call our Program Administrator, the American Professional Agency, Inc., at 1-800-421-6694 or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext. #2308) and ask to speak to the social work department. They will be happy to answer all your questions.


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