1. Who is eligible?

All members of NAADAC who are licensed/certified addiction counselors or certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists are eligible for coverage.

  1. Do I need to be licensed to obtain insurance?

This policy will not provide coverage if you do not have a license and one is required for the type of practice and jurisdiction you are practicing in.  If you are unlicensed, please check with your state regulatory board.

  1. Who provides the insurance coverage?

American Professional Agency, Inc. of Amityville, New York administers the Professional Liability Insurance program.  The program is underwritten by Darwin National Assurance Company a subsidiary of Allied World Assurance Company, rated “A” XV by A.M. Best and in the top 100 insurers in the nation for financial size.

  1. How much insurance do I need?

You may want to consult with your attorney to determine the limits you should purchase.

Many managed-care entities, hospitals, facilities and municipalities will require that you carry at least $1 million per incident and $3 million aggregate.  We offer up to $2 million per claim and $4 million aggregate coverage.

  1. Do you offer a reduced premium rate if I work part-time?

Yes, provided your total working hours in all positions (including W2 employment) do not exceed  20 hours a week, you are eligible for the lower, part-time rate.

  1. Is coverage on a Claims Made form or an Occurrence Form?

Our Addiction Counselors are covered on a Claims-Made Coverage Form.  On a Claims- Made form, a claim made against a counselor is covered under their current policy in force.  If an insured decides not to renew a policy in a given year, an “Extended Reporting Period Endorsement” or “tail coverage”, may be necessary to protect against claims presented after the policy expires.   A few advantages to our Claims Made program include:

a. Claims Made policies cost less than Occurrence form policies.

b. If limits are increased during the years of coverage, the current higher limits apply to a claim made during policy period.

c. Free lifetime “tail coverage” is available if the insured permanently retires, is permanently disabled or has died.

d. If an insured chooses to move coverage to another carrier on an Occurrence form, or an insured decides to stay in practice but drop insurance coverage, “tail coverage” can be purchased at a low cost.   Claim history will not prevent an  insured from purchasing tail coverage.

For a more detailed explanation of Claims Made vs. Occurrence, call one of our underwriters in the Addiction Counselors Dept at (800) 421-6694.

  1. I work for a facility that provides coverage for my professional liability. Does this mean I do not need my own Professional Liability Coverage?

Even though you are covered under your employers policy, here are reasons you should still purchase your own separate liability coverage:

a. Your employer’s coverage may not provide coverage for you for past incidents once you leave their employment.

b.Your employer’s coverage may lapse or be cancelled without your knowledge.

c. Coverage provided by your workplace generally will not cover you for actions brought against you by a licensing board or other regulatory body.  This coverage is available on an individual policy written through APA, Inc.

d. A large claim brought against your employer and you may exhaust your employer’s policy limits.  Further defense costs or judgments may have to be paid out of your own pocket.

e. Having your own individual coverage gives you “peace of mind” that you have an insurance carrier that represents your interests only.

  1. Where do I get an application?

You may (click here) to download our application.  If you prefer, call us at 800-421-6694, Addiction Counselor Dept., and we will mail you an application.

9.  How do I submit my application?

If coverage is needed quickly, the completed, signed application can be e-mailed to: or faxed to:  631-691-2259.   Payments can be made by credit card on-line for quick processing.  Or send application, check and other correspondence to:

 American Professional Agency, Inc.
 95 Broadway
 Amityville, NY 11701

10. Who can I call if I have additional questions?

Call the Program Administrator, American Professional Agency, Inc. at 800-421-6694 and ask for the Addiction Counselor Dept.  You will always get a live person when you call and they will be happy to answer your questions.