Cyber and Security Coverages for Psychiatrists and Psychologists

Psychiatrists and Psychologists who maintain confidential patient / employee information have a responsibility to safeguard that data. With data breaches and cyber attacks becoming increasingly common, having the right cyber protection in place is critical. We offer Cyber Suite, a comprehensive coverage endorsement with multiple layers of insurance defense against the complex, ever-evolving cyber risks that psychiatrists, Psychologists and Mental Health Professionals face every day.


Available as a coverage endorsement to existing American Professional Agency insureds. Available in most states on an admitted basis.

Limits and Cost

• Only $381 for an aggregate Limit of $100,000.
(May not be approved in all states & rates may vary)
• Sublimits and/or a $1,000 deductible for certain coverages may apply.
• Higher limits /options available.

Coverage Highlights

• Data compromise response expense coverage – designed to provide the resources to respond to a breach of personal information.
• Computer attack coverage – designed to provide resources to respond to a computer attack
• Cyber extortion coverage – designed to respond to an extortion threat.
• Data compromise liability coverage – designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit related to a breach of personal information.
• Network security liability coverage – designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit alleging that a system security failure on the part of the insured caused damage to a third party.
• Electronic media liability coverage – designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit alleging that the insured infringed on a copyright or trademark, defamed a person or organization, or violated a person’s right to privacy.
• Identity recovery coverage – designed to provide the owners of the insured practice with case management service and financial resources to recover control of their identities after an identity theft.

Psychiatrist Cyber & Security Coverages
Psychiatrist Cyber Suite Examples


Risk Management:

• Access to eRiskHub®, a risk management portal designed to help  prepare and respond effectively to data breach and cyber attacks. Key features of the eRiskHub® portal include: an incident response plan roadmap, online training modules, risk management tools to manage data breaches, a directory for external resources, a news center with current articles from industry resources, and a learning center with best practices and white papers.

Other Services:

• Access to “My Tech Support” which offers FREE computer diagnostics by phone and competitive rates for virus removal, technical assistance and related digital security services.
• Access to experts in recovering from cyber extortion and data breaches.
• Toll-free helpline to educate insureds about data breaches, cyber extortion and identity theft.
• Process to request case management services and submit expense reimbursement claims.


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