Hypnotist Discounts

We offer coverage for Hypnotism if you are a certified hypnotist and you belong to one of our approved hypnotist associations.
Please contact our customer service department to discuss your requirements.

Zur Institute Continuing Education for mental Health

35% Discount

A 35% discount is available if you are Part-Time
(20 hours or less a week).

5% Discount

Behavioral Health CE

You can now save 5% on your insurance premium by taking online risk management courses.

To assist you in obtaining your premium discount, we have negotiated a special benefit exclusive to our clients. APA, Inc. Policyholders receive an unlimited 10% discount on all courses taken at BehavioralHealthCE.com. Simply obtain the current discount code in your renewal packet or contact APA, Inc. or BHCE.
All BehavioralHealthCE.com courses are completed online.

Unlike other CE providers, all BHCE courses can be viewed for free prior to purchasing your CE credits, so your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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