Legal Updates

Missouri Creates Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed an executive order on July 17, 2017, making Missouri the final state to create a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). Missouri’s PDMP will use de-identified pharmacy and clinical data to identify patterns in drug utilization and dispensing. Specifically, under the new program, providers will be required to submit their prescribing information to the state in order to allow officials to monitor opioid-related activities while adhering to strict privacy and security regulations. Unlike programs in other states, prescribers will not be able to view a patient’s prescription history prior to issuing a new prescription.

Texas Medical Board Releases Telemedicine Rules

On September 15, 2017, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) released revised rules pertaining to the practice of telemedicine. The revised rules are consistent with a state law passed in May 2017, and require that a licensed healthcare provider establish a practitioner-patient relationship. The revised rules, however, do not specify how the relationship may be formed and appear to permit providers to establish the relationship via telemedicine without having an “In-person” meeting first. For more information, see