Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission Now Accepting Physician Applications for Licensure

In early April, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission began accepting applications from physicians seeking to hold licenses in participating states. Currently, eighteen states have adopted the Compact.

The Compact allows physicians applying for a state medical license to specify additional states where they intend to practice. Participating states will then issue licenses expeditiously if the physician meets eligibility criteria, thereby eliminating the need for physicians to file multiple applications. Interested psychiatrists can find further information regarding eligibility requirements and the application process at:

Change to Arkansas Telemedicine Law

The Arkansas (AR) State Medical Board recently amended Regulation 2.8 to now permit a doctor-patient relationship to be established through the use of real-time audiovisual technology, if the technology used provides information “at least equal to such information as would have been obtained by an in-person examination.”1 Under AR law, the practice of telemedicine is held to the same standards of care as traditional in-person encounters.2

1 Arkansas Medical Practices Act & Regulations, Regulation 2.8 (March 2017)

2 A.C.A. Section 17-80-117