Exercise Physiologist

This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Exercise Physiologists who develop, implement, and coordinate exercise programs and who administer medical tests under a physician’s supervision, to program participates to promote physical fitness. Who conduct interviews with the participants to obtain vital statistics and medical histories and record such information. Who perform routine laboratory tests, such as blood samples for cholesterol levels and glucose tolerance, or interpret such results. Who conduct individual and group exercises, such as, aerobics, to promote strength, and flexibility. Who teach behavior modification classes, such as stress management, weight control, and related subjects.

Corrective Therapist

This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Corrective Therapists who provide a medically prescribed program of physical exercise and activities designed to prevent muscular deterioration resulting from long convalescence or inactivity due to chronic illness. Who collaborate with other members of the rehabilitation team to organize the patients’ course of treatment. To establish rapport with their patients to motivate them, choosing activities and exercise in accordance with their prescriptions. Who instruct patients in the use, function, and care of their prosthetic devices, such as braces, crutches, or canes and in the use of manually controlled vehicles.

Chiropractic Assistant

This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Chiropractic Assistants who are employed in a chiropractic practice. The Chiropractic Assistant provides some assistance to the chiropractor, however, their main duties are clerical.

Bodywork Counselor

This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Bodywork Counselors who provide a combination of traditional Reiki, which is a hands on energy manipulation process, and process work. Reiki addresses the mind-body-spirit connection, while the client expresses what they are feeling in their body. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can isolate itself in the body tissue and minimize any negative effects on the nervous system. In this type of counseling, words, phrases and imagery are echoed back to the client, clearing any residual painful or traumatic events held within. Sometimes, just the recognition of what is being held in the body, is enough.

Athletic Trainer

This policy provides professional liability insurance coverage to Athletic Trainers who evaluate physical condition, advise and treat professional and amateur athletes to maximize physical fitness for participation in athletic competitions. Who prescribe routine and corrective exercise to strengthen muscles. Who recommend special diets to build up health and reduce overweight athletes. Who massage parts of players bodies to relieve soreness, strains, and bruises. Who render first aid to injured players, such as giving artificial respiration, cleaning, and bandaging wounds to promote healing.