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Dear Former NASW Client:
If we lost your business to the newly formed NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc., it is important you know that their policy no longer covers you for therapies or activities that involve equine or canine services in any way, shape or form! This reduction in coverage also applied to activities involving foster care and adoption services but they acknowledged they made an error in judgement to exclude these services. (See their announcement following this letter).

We have always provided you with this coverage and continue to do so.

More importantly, the NASW policy has now restricted coverage for Subpoena Reimbursement to only $400 regardless of the amount expended by you or the number of subpoenas you receive during the policy term!

Our policy provides $35,000 for subpoena defense coverage and that limit is per incident no matter how many you have during the policy period!

We have also increased licensing board defense coverage to $35,000 per proceeding! NASW’s policy provides only one limit for all board complaints during your policy period. Our licensing board defense coverage is not limited to $35,000 for the entire policy period. It pertains to each licensing board complaint!

We now offer $25,000 in coverage for information privacy which provides defense for federal and state regulations who investigate you for a violation of their privacy protection statutes (HIPAA).

An additional enhancement includes $100,000 in coverage for medical payments to a patient arising from bodily injury on your business premises.

Emergency Aid expense is covered up to $15,000 and includes up to $100 for lost earnings due to the provision of volunteer emergency treatment.

Assault and Battery coverage is provided up to $25,000 for medical expenses and/or personal property damage caused by a client.

As important, Allied World provides a risk management hotline staffed by risk professionals led by an attorney who also has a Master’s degree in social work!

As we strive to provide the most comprehensive coverage at the best price, we are pleased to bring these additional benefits to you from Allied World, an “A” rated insurer by A.M. Best & Co. at no additional cost.

Unlike the NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. (a risk retention group and not an admitted insurance company licensed in all 50 states) your policy with us is covered by state insolvency guarantee funds. Should the NASW Risk Retention Group, Inc. become insolvent, you will not have the protection afforded by state insolvency guarantee funds! Just ask them if state insolvency guarantee funds will cover you should they become insolvent! They will tell you they won’t become insolvent and they are reinsured by Lloyds of London, but they won’t tell you that you are covered by state insolvency guarantee funds because your policy is excluded from this valuable governmental protection.

Regardless of your affinity to NASW, you owe it to yourself to get the best protection at the same or lesser cost and membership fees are not required by us. That is your choice.

We would love to have you back as our client and no tail coverage is required to be purchased! You simply move back to us with the same retroactive date at the same great rate and with superior coverage. If you have any questions, please call our underwriting department at 800-421-6694. Our underwriters are happy to personally assist you with any questions you may have.

Richard Imbert Signature
Richard C. Imbert, CIC


NASW coverage letter
NASW coverage letter