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Welcome to American Professional Agency’s Risk Management page.

Policyholders: Click HERE to register for an upcoming (October 25, 2023 @ 11:30am-4:45pm) Suicide-Focused Assessment and Treatment webinar. This webinar is FREE to all registrants and qualifies toward the Risk Management discount for our Psychiatry & Psychology holders. Informational Brochure, click HERE

DID YOU KNOW? Statistically you are more likely to receive a board complaint than a claim or lawsuit. Not to worry…our programs recognize this area of risk for our insureds which is why we have robust coverage options to prevent you from ever having to pay legal fees on your own.

Business Team

If you are reporting a Subpoena, Lawsuit or Board complaint please fax or email the information and we will contact you within 24 hours or sooner.
Fax: (631) 598-7249             Email:

For immediate assistance regarding these matters please call (800) 897-0033.

Are you looking for a Risk Management or Ethical consultation regarding your practice? If so, we have dedicated Risk Management HELPLINES:

For Psychiatrists and Texas policyholders (855) 218-8161
For Psychologists   (855) 598-8657
Other Professions (800) 897-0033

Resources for Psychiatrists

Resources for Psychologists

Resources for Other Professionals