School Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for coverage?
School policies are available to accredited programs at U.S. colleges and universities. Coverage extends to faculty, staff and students in the field placement.

2. Who provides the insurance coverage?
American Professional Agency administers the malpractice program. The program is underwritten by the Darwin National Assurance Company.

3. How soon will the insurance coverage begin after the application is submitted?
Usually insurance coverage begins the first day of the month following acceptance of the application. If immediate coverage is needed, a written request is necessary.

4. How much does this coverage cost?
The cost depends on the number of faculty and students being covered. Please, contact the American Professional Agency, Inc. at 1-800-421-6694 (Ext.#2265) or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext.#2265) for a quote.

5. What is the difference between the individual and blanket coverage?
Individual coverage protects the student directly as the policyholder. Blanket coverage protects the school and all faculty and students for any malpractice actions filed against them. The blanket policy protects the school and faculty for all activities within their teaching capacity, not just field placement.

6. Can a school purchase a blanket professional liability policy for all its students without insuring it’s faculty?
No. The blanket school policy must cover all faculty as well as all of its students.

7. Why is it necessary for the school or the faculty member to be included on the blanket school policy if the coverage is for field placement activities?
Faculty members can be sued in connection with a student’s field placement activities, and schools have been named in malpractice lawsuits involving a student in field placement.

8. Are field supervisors covered under the blanket school policy as well as faculty?
Yes, they must be W-2 employees of the school, not contractors. Field instructors who are not W-2 employees of the school are not covered by the school policy.

9. Do part-time or adjuct faculty qualify for coverage under the blanket school policy?
A faculty member who is on the payroll of the school, receiving salary and employee benefits, is covered by the blanket school policy.

10. Should the covered faculty maintain his/hers own coverage or convert to the blanket school coverage? 
The blanket school policy does not cover faculty for professional activities which are not part of their job responsibilities in the school. Faculty protected by the blanket school policy should obtain individual malpractice coverage for outside activities, (i.e., private practice, consultant services, etc.).

If the faculty member is not engaged in any other outside activity, (i.e., private practice, etc.), he/she may wish to convert to the blanket school coverage. In this case, the faculty should check with the plan administrator to assure that there is no lapse in coverage. We advise faculty to obtain an individual policy to be certain of protection and in case the school’s blanket policy’s limits of liability have to be shared by many parties who were sued together.

11. Under a blanket school policy, what happens if a student drops out of field placement or a new student enters during the policy year?
This is a blanket policy. No refunds are made for students who leave field placement. Students added during the policy year are automatically covered.

12. Under a blanket school policy, what happens if a faculty member leave the school or a new faculty enters during the policy year?
This is a blanket policy. No refunds are made for faculty members who leave the school. Faculty members added during the policy year are automatically covered.

13. Where do I mail the application and/or check?
Applications, payments and correspondence to the program administrator should be directed to:

American Professional Agency, Inc.
95 Broadway
Amityville, NY 11701

14. Who can I call if I have additional questions?
If you have questions, please call our program administrator, the American Professional Agency, Inc., at 1-800-421-6694 (Ext. #2265) or 1-631-691-6400 (Ext. #2265) and ask to speak to the School Department. They will be happy to answer all your questions.